Tania Chelnov stands out for her beautifully differentiated roles as Katherine’s servant Alice and the tavern serving boy Davy.
— News & Observer
Tania Chelnov is a fine, funny Alice.
Meanwhile, the motley crew at the Boar’s-Head Tavern — Falstaff, Hal, his mischievous friend Ned Poins (Patrick McHugh), Bardolph (John Allore), Nym (Nathaniel P. Claridad), Pistol (Jeff Cornell), Mistress Quickly (Kathryn Hunter-Williams), and the boy Davy (Tania Chelnov) — are all vividly drawn by consummate comedians, as these lowlifes frolic the night away, purloining the odd purse or two here and there whenever they run out of money for sack.
— Triangle Arts and Entertainment
The four work together tremendously well as an ensemble. Add in Tania Chelnov as French maid Louise, and it’s a quintet of remarkable comedy.
Tania Chelnov’s snooty French maid Louise is a droll cameo.
— News & Observer
Tania Chelnov has a hilarious turn as Louise, the French maid
— IndyWeek